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All eyes are on the island’s KTV joints because the shocking spike came after a cluster of infections originated from KTV bars where, understandably, the practice of ‘Social Distancing’ was in direct conflict with the business model.

While the rest of Singapore’s F&B industry bravely hunkered down under the new ‘Heightened Alert’ measures, KTVs were allowed to ‘pivot’ to F&B establishments.

The problem wasn’t that they were allowed to pivot. The problem was what they pivoted to.

So — with the benefit of hindsight, and with much annoyance on behalf of our friends in…

Clubhouse thoughts… published on Facebook three weeks ago — and now on Medium for you…

This evening, on Clubhouse, a friend asked — how can we make Clubhouse a positive space; how we can make (conversations on) this platform accessible to more?

I thought about the question, and decided to write my response — in the hope of creating a way to further this goal.

I think it’s clear that we have no lack for content to watch, read, listen to… We have no lack for access to insights, data and even resources.

I believe that one of the biggest…

I work with technology, and I shouldn’t be surprised by this… but today, I was delighted all over again — by how quickly one can publish a website (with an embedded form).

Let’s first establish the definition of a website — it is “a set of related web pages located under a single domain name…”

Now > here are the 5 steps (from start to finish) — and the time I took to complete them. 🚀

  1. Buy a domain name: ~1 min
  2. Write and publish a simple Notion page: ~5 mins
  3. Set up a simple Subscription Form on Airtable: ~2 mins
  4. Create a link (to track visits): <1 min
  5. Set up Domain Redirection: ~1 min

Note: The timing is accurate…

A few years ago — after my second Type-A Breakfast session in Melbourne — I went home, had a glass of wine at 11 am, and spent the rest of the day with my wife and kids.

The work I would have spent that day doing — was already done. Sure, I could do more. I could be 4x more productive. Or 16x.

But that day, it wasn’t the point.

The whole point of being super-productive — is not to work without ceasing, at a higher speed… even if we truly love, and choose the work that we do.


Some friends have asked — what kind of work do you do, at a Type-A Breakfast session?

I used to simply say — any kind of work you want — just follow the rules: Choose 8 hours of the most strategic work that you can do during the week; the list of tasks that would give you the most leverage for the rest of the week*/month.

But today, I thought I’d start a list of ideas. I hope this helps you plan for a Type-A Breakfast session.

…. or work that you suspect you will procrastinate on.

If you’re showing…

We are One, and we’re not ready.

The increase in our network density (as a human race) — is part of our evolution as a species.

As we speed towards a state of higher density, we (the nodes) will likely change — in our experience of, and response towards, others (other nodes). Our attitude and affinity towards one another will be influenced by our realized, and increasing, shared connections.

A bias, and offence, or a grudge against a specific node — will likely be transformed when we realize that we share a connection, and a common affinity for another node/s. …

Hint: It’s about not leaving your kids behind, even if you’re trying to save humanity.

There is a poignant scene — in which viewers will realize that, like the protagonist, we’ve all been lied to.

In the movie, a daughter pleads for her father to stay — instead of leaving on an intergalactic quest to save humanity.

Yet the father chooses to leave — thinking there was no other way.

And as inter-dimensional travel would have it… it was only after it was too late — that Coop (played by Matt Damon) realizes it was his future self — who went back to the present, to prompt him to stay with his children.

But the…

Written by one of our earliest members — Jonathan Leong

Waking up early to get to a 7.30am breakfast to work alongside a bunch of strangers in silence for 2hrs — is not for everyone — but everyone should try it at least once.

Just so you get a taste of what life feels like when you finally get your shit together.

We appear to be cut from different cloths: corporate warriors, entrepreneurs, freelancers, students — but our struggle is the same:

The Daily Grind.

That Damn Alarm Clock.

Our Feeble Will In The Morning.

What if you had more…

Written to my fellow-optimists, the bulldozers and the persistent, the eternal die-hards…

I am starting to raise funds for my third tech venture.

Having raised capital from VCs and angel investors before, I have a different perspective to share — and to abide by this time:

Round One — Instead of gunning for a ‘Yes’, aim for a “No”.

It’s easy to present a compelling story. And if you’re a founder — it’s likely you can be at least a little persuasive.

With enough hard work, you can unearth a whole list of reasons that demonstrate why your market potential…

As a father of 2 young children, I’ve experienced the sheer wonder — of being presented with unexpected delights.

They often come in the middle of a very ordinary conversation, and are — most of the time — unnoticed by the casual observer.

“Papa, I saved my last 3 blueberries for you.”

“Papa, the best thing about my day — is playing with you this morning.”

Such unexpected delights — are the sprouting of a seed in the fertile soil of relationships. Few can tell when it happens. …

Melvin Yuan

CEO, Starboard — Corporate Services Platform |

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