Day 24.

Dispatch from a Detox Centre in Phuket.


I’m in the middle of a 5-day detox program in Phuket.

  • Complete juice fast (no chewing)
  • Exercises, massages, additional therapies; mineral, herbal and vitamin supplements that support the cleansing of the liver, gut and the entire body really.

Last 5 Days – An Unfulfilled Commitment, Revealing a Life of Unfulfilled Commitments.

While I committed to blogging every day this year, I didn’t for the last 4 days. I did – for the first 15 days of the year, even despite rather intense daily schedules – but I stopped.

  • 24 days without Social Media… i.e. completely off Facebook (except for automated posts – like this one.
  • 24 days without reading online news
  • 24 days of material de-cluttering. Giving or throwing at least one thing away every day. And throwing out a huge chunk of stuff just before moving. (p/s: it can be an emotional process.)
  • During these 24 days, I’ve made several attempts to observe where – in my life, I might have left something un-communicated (or under-communicated); where I might have left commitments and expectations unfulfilled. And when I see something, I made (pretty successful) attempts to resolve them.

The De-clutter Project

The detox program I’m on, my continual examination of how and when I leave commitments to myself and to others unfulfilled, are part of the ‘de-clutter’ project I embarked on at the start of this year.

The Body Reveals Everything (about Life)

If I had one thing to summarize my entire experience so far (at the detox centre) – it is the revelation of:

  1. How little we actually need to consume, to be healthy; and how easily we consume more – to the detriment of our bodies and well-being.
  • Being part of, and contributing to, the lives of family and friends
  • Living a high-quality of life – marked by prudent consumption, lavish experiences, and without regret
  • Maintaining home-bases in a couple of countries, in a way that works, and without waste

Life. There’s just a lot of clutter.

Several times on this journey, I feel pangs of discouragement. There’s just so much clutter… and more significantly, there’s just so much propensity for clutter to accumulate.

  • We have increasing number of friends – leading to social commitments (spoken and unspoken).
  • We have increasing job scopes, business oppportunities, side projects etc. – leading to complex and compounding commitments to ‘work’.
  • We have a culture of consumption – enough said.
  • We have a culture of over-eating.

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